Planet X is missing, how can I get it added to the map?

Head over to the contact page and send me an email with a link to the Wookieepedia page for that planet. Keep in mind that I can’t add a planet to the map without some basic info like the grid square or sector it’s located in. If the Wookieepedia page is missing that, the planet will have to wait. This is why some high-profile planets may be missing from the map.

Planet X is canon now but you still have it marked as legends?

I can’t always keep up with all the changes to canon as old planets are brought back so I rely on fans like you to help keep me up to speed. Head over to the contact page and send me an email to let me know and I’ll get things updated.

Can you make it so I can only look at Canon/Legends planets?

This is a feature I plan on introducing at some point, but it’s a bit more complicated than it seems since not all canon planets belong in the Legends universe and Legends planets are being added back to the canon all the time.

How can I plot the hyperspace route between two planets?

I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS TOO! Right now I’m limited by 2 things that are keeping this feature from being available. The first is the program I use to host the map doesn’t support that, so I’ll need to rehost things. The second is that network datasets are complicated and I still need to build a complete one for the map.

I’m running a RPG campaign, can you make a version showing X/Y/Z for us to use?

Shoot me an email at swgalaxymap(at)gmail(dot)com and we can talk. I’m open to making custom versions of the downloadable map and can make a custom version of the web map depending on what you need as well.

I love the map, how I can support your work?

Head over to the support page to subscribe to my Patreon or donate through Paypal.